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The Library provides users with access to photocopy and printing machines. Students can enable the printing from their laptops at Knowledge Commons


Student and Visitor Usage

  • Users have to load credits at Main Library Entrance on Right Hand Side upon entering the Library.
  • Students would load credits onto their student cards. A first time user of this system will be prompted to enter a 4 digit pin code. Students are able to manage their pins at any of the indicated levels or alternately visit this office to reset their pins. To manage your printing pin, visit any of the consoles found next to the photocopy machines on the various levels, enter student number and reset the pin.
  • Visitors or Guests of UWC Library can obtain a guest printing and photocopying card from the Circulation Desk at Level 5. Alternately, visitors can visit the office in the Main Library entrance to get a guest password which will enable them to have access to printing and photocopying facilities. 
  • Please Note, should you require assistance for the Printers and Photocopiers, an Intercom system is available close to the entrance of the level or near the machines


These facilities are available at the following areas:

  • Library Main entrance (Only Printers - Access restricted to 10 minutes use)
  • Level 5 - Reading Room (Photocopy machine only for copying of Journal and Newspaper articles)
  • Level 5 - Print & Go Zone (Access restricted to 10 minutes use)
  • Level 6 - Access restricted to Knowledge Commons users
  • Level 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14



Printing would cost 45c per page

Photocopying would cost 40c per page



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